Introducing Partners in Mission


Following their 200-year-old tradition, Redemptorists today continue to work together with the laity today through Partners in Mission to share the faith and work together for the proclamation of God’s plentiful redemption.

By Fr. Greg May, C.Ss.R.

Redemptorists just finished the jubilee year that celebrated the 200 anniversary of St. Clement’s death. This saint was able to accomplish a great deal by meeting the needs of the poor, outcasts and the vulnerable in the city of Warsaw. As a leader, he recognized his own limited ability to make a difference, so he enlisted the faithful to help him in various tasks. St. Clement had the foresight to partner with the laity for the sake of the mission. This partnership created a gospel friendship that supported people in the growth of their faith as well as a team of ministers who experienced the loving presence of God through community.

Redemptorists continue to use this model of partnership to meet the pressing needs of the Church today. We refer to this group of laity as Partners In Mission, (PIM). Sharing faith and working together for the proclamation of the plentiful redemption of God in word and deed are the foundational principles that guide us. Just as St. Clement in his day formed circles of laity to help meet the needs of the church, Redemptorists today form similar circles for the same purpose. The Denver Province continues to form and support Redemptorist Circles in their territory for the sake of Jesus’ mission. The pandemic has hampered these local gatherings and activities but has also created the opportunity for virtual networks that bring people together beyond geographical locations.

If you are interested in learning more about this gospel friendship and what it might mean for your faith life, we encourage you to listen to our video introduction to Partners in Mission. The Working Group for PIM saw the importance of listening to those who participate in circle gatherings. Hearing their stories will enable you to understand what this friendship has meant for their faith and how they express it in the world. You can also download “Living Redemptorist Spirituality” to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus the Redeemer.

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