St. Joseph Mass League


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The St. Joseph Mass League was first launched over 100 years ago in St. Louis by Redemptorist Fr. Christopher McEnniry, C.Ss.R. The League began in the context of the “Great War” and the world-wide influenza pandemic that followed the war. Never had there been a time of greater need for prayer and healing.

Today one hundred years later, due to the Coronavirus, we are again facing the same fears, the same suffering and the same uncertainties due to a pandemic. At this time the St. Joseph Mass League is more important than ever. Fr. McEnniry conceived the League as a perpetual sharing of prayers and Masses. It has become an important and beloved aspect of Redemptorist spirituality available to us in this time of need.

Through the Mass League, people ask for our prayers in many circumstances: marriage, birth of a child, sickness and death. They ask for peace, healing, faith and hope for themselves or their children. Since 1919 the St Joseph Mass League has been a vital way in which people connect to God’s grace through the prayers and works of the Redemptorists. Through these Masses, celebrated at the St. Clement Redemptorist Mission Community, people enjoy the gifts the Eucharist offers.

Fr. McEnniry identified the mission of the Mass League: “To help people in times of joy and sorrow.”  The League is a vehicle for all the faithful who wish to deepen their faith and honor loved ones. Given the continuing turmoil in today’s world the need for the St. Joseph Mass League remains strong. Echoing the words of Fr. McEnniry, we ask everyone now to “foster this league and spread word of it.” The Redemptorists at the St. Clement Center fulfill the obligations of the Mass League with a daily concelebrated Mass. The intention of this Mass is for all the members living and deceased.

The Redemptorists are a Catholic congregation of priest and brothers, devoted to Our Mother of Perpetual Help, who preach the gospel to the poor and most abandoned in a wounded world. They spread the gospel from the slums of Abuja to the rural hamlets of the Mississippi Delta. In all they do they are inspired by a deep devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Masses are concelebrated every day by the priests at the St. Clement Redemptorist Mission Community in Liguori, Missouri for the special intentions of all those enrolled in the Mass League.