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Start Your Day Off Right with Daily Scripture Reflections from Br. Daniel Hall


“More than my morning coffee, I now look forward to opening my Daily Reflections each day. In all weathers, in all the turmoil of life—inner and outer—they’re my constant companions and advisors. Each day they remind me of God’s love for me no matter what. Thank you, Redemptorists, for sharing your joy and wisdom.”
—Daily Reflections subscriber

For the past two years, subscribers to the Redemptorists Daily Reflections have been rewarded each morning in their email boxes with the prayerful and inspiring words of Br. Daniel Hall, C.Ss.R. Br. Daniel combines a deep understanding of the Scriptures with a warm and compassionate take on human nature and, most importantly, our need to move closer to God through prayer and reflection.

We know many of our readers would like to learn a little more about Br. Daniel in his own words.

“I grew up in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. The Redemptorists had the care of the parish there at the time. The Redemptorists were the only priests or religious I knew as the Diocese didn’t have a parish at the time. It was only natural for me to join them when I felt a call to religious life. I professed my vows in 1977 and have worked in Tucson, San Francisco, Oakland, Glenview in Illinois, and Ligouri. The most notable assignment was being a founding member of the Redemptorists in Nigeria, where I spent about 11 years helping get the Redemptorists on their feet. 

Presently I am on loan to the Baltimore Province, working at St Gerard’s parish in Lima, Ohio. Before this, I was the director of Holy Redeemer Center in Oakland, California, where I became involved with the Cursillo movement in 2017. Several people there asked if I could help them on their Facebook page by offering a Reflection on the day’s Gospel. I said I could do that, and that is how my writing ministry began. 

The Redemptorists’ Mission Advancement office heard about it and asked if I would be willing to share the Reflections on the province website. I agreed, and my outreach expanded overnight.

I arrived here in Lima a few months before the COVID pandemic started in 2020, and I was looking for a way to help keep in touch with the parish members during the lockdown. I am now sharing the Reflections with the people of Lima through the parish website.

Preaching is one of the Redemptorists’ callings to the people of God. My writing of these short Reflections is my way to help reach people daily. I don’t know if I would have found a way to quietly share the word of God with people had Facebook not come along. I resisted getting into social media for several years until asked and told I could make a difference in people’s lives. It has turned out to be a real blessing to me as it helps me reflect more on God’s Word and pray better instead of just being a listener.